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Once upon a time, there was a Riku-wolf, who had the misfortune to live near a Sora-faun who listened to loud music at all hours of the day. One day, after several consecutive days of sleep deprivation, when he just couldn't take it anymore, Riku decided to confront his neighbor.

Bleary-eyed and exhausted, he marched up to Sora's house. It wasn't until after he'd tried to knock and his hand went straight through the door that he realized the house was made entirely of straw.

"Who makes a house out of straw?" he complained out loud. But as he peeked through the hole he'd made in the door, he saw an extremely irritating sight.

Sora was asleep.

He was playing his loud, obnoxious, preventing-Riku-from-getting-his-beauty-sleep music while he slept like a baby. He even had a smile on his face.

Maybe the lack of sleep was affecting Riku's judgment. Regardless, something inside of him snapped.

"I am going to murder you."

He ripped the flimsy straw door off its flimsy straw hinges and stormed inside, shaking with wolfish fury. When he reached Sora's bedside, thinking about how best to carry out his impulse murder, he realized how plump and nutritious he looked.

The disruption in his sleep schedule had rendered Riku all but unable to hunt properly, and he'd been losing weight. Well, he didn't usually prefer meals this large, but why not take advantage of an opportunity, and make up for lost time? Turn a negative into a positive.

His underfed stomach rumbled in agreement.

"Hear that?" Riku asked, rubbing his empty stomach. "I'm going to eat you." He rolled Sora onto his stomach, then pulled his hands towards his mouth. Crouched at the head of Sora's bed, Riku was in a perfect position for eating comfortably.

"I'm going to swallow you whole, then lay back and relax while my stomach crushes you to pieces. Because I hate you so much." Sora was beginning to stir in his slumber, but not quickly enough to stop Riku from swallowing his hands. In fact, he didn't wake up fully until Riku had already slurped up both his arms, and the two had been forced face-to-face.

They briefly made eye contact. Sora's eyes were fearful and confused. Riku's were dark, and hazy with gluttony.

Using a combination of his arms and the powerful muscles in his throat, Riku pulled and pushed Sora's head into his mouth. Sora sputtered and gasped for breath. His shoulders followed his head, then his smooth back, and his furry hips and tail. Thanks to Riku's superior strength and leverage, Sora's struggles were almost unnoticeable. The muscles in his belly and throat were alive with the exhilaration of consuming a large, squirming, late-night snack.

With the majority of Sora's body already inside him, Riku no longer needed both arms to guide the remaining parts into his throat. Instead, he dropped one hand to massage his heavy stomach, which was aching with discomfort at being forced to swell so quickly. He crouched lower so that the majority of the extra weight could rest on the ground. Sora was bigger than he'd anticipated, and not only was his belly bloating outwards in front, but also on both sides.

Almost done, he reassured himself, squeezing his fleshy bulk.

With both gravity and inertia on his side, Riku inhaled Sora's legs at an alarming rate. Sora struggled against the confines of Riku's insides, but for each push he made, Riku's stomach pushed back even harder. Riku swallowed Sora's hooves and forced them down with a mighty gulp, and gasped in relief as his sphincter closed over the heavy load.

"Ohhh," he moaned weakly. He hadn't eaten such a large meal in a long time. The bulging sac in which he'd confined Sora barely seemed to be part of his body at all, except that he was intensely aware of Sora's every movement, sending pleasurable ripples of muscle contractions through his gut and the rest of his body. As he slowly came down from the haze of gastric satisfaction, however, he became aware of muffled noises coming out of his belly.


With some difficulty, Riku maneuvered himself up into more-or-less sitting position, reclined, with his back against Sora's bed. His stomach bulged generously in all directions, the bulk of it resting carefully between his legs. At this angle, Riku was able to give his swollen belly his full attention. He patted his gorge roughly. The screaming stopped.

"No," he said simply.


"Hmm," Riku said thoughtfully, licking his lips. "Nope." Sora asked him a question, but it was too quiet to be heard through layers of belly and muscle and skin.

"What was that?" Riku called mockingly. "I couldn't hear you because you're buried in my stomach."

"I SAID, WHY DID YOU EAT ME," Sora cried out.

"Because I was hungry." Riku grunted as Sora shoved him. "And I'm tired of being kept up at night by your stupid music. Speaking of which." The music player had been tossed aside in the struggle, but it was still very much turned on. With a painful stretch of his arm, he was able to grab it without moving his full weight.

Riku was sleepy and stuffed, and not prone to making the best decisions.

He swallowed the music player, too.

Despite its unorganic size and shape, Riku was able to get it down into his stomach without too much difficulty. Having the music he so hated pumping out of his own body was less annoying than he thought it would be. Muffled as it was, it served as a reminder of his triumph over his annoying neighbor.

Riku's appetite could solve any problem.

"Now you can be with your stupid music forever," he said sleepily. As he prepared to slip into unconsciousness, he began to lose what little control he had over his strained digestive tract. A particularly forceful kick from Sora forced out a noisy hiccup, loud enough to startle Riku back into partial wakefulness.

"You're making me hiccup," he laughed. "Hiiicc. I'm still not- hic- letting you out. Hic." Unfazed by the uncontrollable hiccups bubbling out of his throat, Riku leaned sideways against the wall, and let his eyes close again.

Unfortunately, Sora's straw house couldn't handle a lean from Riku on a regular day, let alone right after he'd more than doubled his weight. Mere minutes after he'd fallen asleep, the wall caved in, causing the entire house to collapse on top of him. Luckily, it was made of straw, so he wasn't injured. But this time, the shock was enough for his belly to force out an enormous belch. Once his stomach's satisfaction had finished loudly proclaiming itself to the world, Riku groaned and set to digging himself out of the pile of straw.

"Seriously. What kind of idiot builds a house out of straw?" he mumbled to himself, deliberately ignoring Sora's shouted response. His engorged state made it difficult to dig, but he managed to get most of it off of himself, and, well, straw wasn't uncomfortable. He gently reclined himself on his new bed, allowing his belly to bulge upwards towards the night sky. Satisfied that nothing else should disturb him, he indulged himself a second belch.

"Good night, lunch," he said thickly, and he finally passed into a deep, contented sleep.  

- - - - - - - - - -

This time, it was hours, or maybe days, before Riku was rudely reawakened. When his eyes opened, the sun was out, getting ready to set, so it had either been a full day, or longer. Regardless, digestion had begun in earnest, and his belly had shrunk to a more manageable size.

He was about to learn, however, that he still appeared grotesquely swollen to observers.

"I'M GOING TO CUT YOU OPEN AND MURDER YOU," someone was shouting. Riku blinked his eyes, out of focus from finally getting a full night's sleep, and tried to look at who was threatening him.

It was Sora.

At first, Riku assumed he was dreaming. It wasn't uncommon to have strange dreams after a meal like he'd had the previous night.

"I already ate you," he mumbled.


Oh. Oh. There were two of them.

Riku became acutely aware that he was laying in the ruins of this Sora's brother's house, and the evidence of what had happened to said brother, was round and conspicuous and attached to his body, groaning noisily from the strain of digestion.

This time, he managed to actually hold back a burp.

At least the music player had been digested enough to stop working.

"Look, I have no issue with you. Just go home. I already got what I wanted." Unfortunately, Riku subconsciously decided to punctuate "what I wanted" by affectionately patting his swollen belly, which made Sora even more angry.

"Yeah, I'm going home," Sora seethed. "Going home to get my knife so I can cut you open." Riku considered mentioning that whatever was left of the first Sora, his stomach had obviously reduced to mush, but he decided against it. He certainly wasn't able to defend himself against a knife attack in his current state. He also couldn't move quickly enough to escape if he tried to run away.

Riku's only option was taking this Sora by surprise, and disposing of him the same way he'd disposed of his brother.

"I'm already stuffed," he said truthfully. His belly gurgled its agreement. "I don't want to eat you too, but I will if I have to." Sora rolled his eyes at the feeble bluff.

"Please. You're bursting at the seams. You couldn't swallow me if you wanted to."

"Clearly, you've never met a proper wolf before." It was somewhat true. Right after swallowing the first Sora, Riku had been more than double his current size. But would a combination of what was already in his belly and this new Sora be more than what his maximum capacity would allow?

Sora left, without making any attempts to restrain him. He probably thinks I'm too heavy to move, Riku realized, and he used this to his advantage. Scrambling to his feet, he took off after Sora. Despite being able to walk upright, he had to move slowly, and he used  his arms to support some of the excess weight of his heavy stomach.

"I hope you're ready for seconds," he murmured, squeezing his fatty belly with both hands.          Never in a million years would he have planned things this way, but since the alternative was being hunted down and cut open, Riku figured he could handle one reckless gorge. He'd seen other wolves eat more, for dumber reasons.

Riku knew he'd followed Sora to the right place when he found a little house made of sticks.

Not planks of wood, but literal sticks.

"What is wrong with this family?" he moaned. On the plus side, though, the flimsy building materials gave Riku a perfect opportunity to catch his prey by surprise.

He waddled right up to the side of the house that Sora was on, and leaned his full weight against the outside wall. It took more pressure to bring this house down than the straw one, but not by much. And as the sticks were tumbling down, Riku reached through the chaos and grabbed Sora.

This Sora proved to be better at not getting eaten than the last Sora, but not by much. He squirmed out of Riku's grasp with a kick, but then Riku just grabbed his leg instead.

Gotta swallow him as fast as possible, Riku thought. Don't give him or my stomach a chance to say no. With this strategy in mind, he dropped into a squatting position, shoved Sora's foot in his mouth, and began to swallow. Sora was knocked off balance and stumbled, giving Riku the chance to grab his other leg and stuff that in his mouth, too. He gulped the faun down with alarming speed, with no concern for his body's comfort or safety. In a matter of minutes, Sora's legs and midriff had disappeared into Riku's impressive stomach.

"HELP," Sora screamed. "HELP ME." His cries echoed those of the brother he was joining. His fists landed blows all over Riku's face and head, but Riku barely felt them. Besides- as soon as he'd gulped up Sora's shoulders, Sora wasn't able to use his arms properly, anyway. Riku was also grateful for the silencing of Sora's screams when his head disappeared down his throat.  

Riku rolled back into a seating position, his stomach resting on the ground in front of him. Tilting his head back, he inhaled Sora's arms, and in no time at all, he was packing his second course away with the first.

The entire process took mere minutes.

His belly roared its displeasure at the rough treatment, and this time, Riku didn't bother suppressing a loud belch. His stomach was in turmoil. Because most of what was already in there wasn't fully solid, he didn't end up much larger than before, but he was quite a bit heavier. He tried to roll over onto his back, but had to settle for laying on his side.

"I told you," he groaned, when his ability to talk returned. "I told you- hic." Hiccups tumbled freely out of his mouth, evidence of his battle with indigestion. "I didn't want to- hic. Didn't want to eat you. This is- hic- a lot of food."

"SO SPIT ME OUT," Sora begged, screaming. "I WON'T HURT YOU, I PROMISE." Riku licked his lips and belched.

"Nah," he said. "Hic. Too late for that. I had to come all the way out here, so now I'm treating myself. Hic." While he'd tried to be somewhat discreet about eating the first brother, knowing that he'd swallowed the whole family made Riku quite a bit more nonchalant about lounging outside with his enormous gut.

Yeah, I ate this guy, his bloated, groaning belly proclaimed to passers-by. Deal with it.

His stomach had expelled enough air that it was finally settling down, despite Sora's struggles. With a low groan and a final satisfied belch, Riku wrapped an arm around his stomach, and drifted off to sleep.

- - - - - - - - - -

Riku slept, undisturbed, allowing his stomach free reign over his body and energy. He was distantly aware of the forcefulness with which his belly churned his enormous meal. Asleep and content, he felt Sora's body melt into his own, fattening him up, as his stomach stored energy, already preparing to wait for the next big meal. Even so, the process was slow going, and his belly was still wildly swollen with food. Riku was dimly aware of the way his enormous meal sloshed around inside of him, as if wondering where to go next.

He awoke in the daytime, belching up some of the by-products of such heavy digestion. He felt unbearably heavy, and too much of that weight was concentrated in his midsection, still proudly and generously distended. He patted himself, as if to reward his stomach for a job well done.

"I think we'll be staying here for a while, so I hope you're comfortable," he cooed to his belly, like someone addressing a pet. He was, after all, in no condition to make the trek back home.

Just as he was about to settle back into another long sleep, however, he was disturbed by a loud scream. His fuzzy ears twitched, and he strained his neck to look at the source.

A mail carrier.

She didn't look threatening, just surprised. Riku had to get rid of her before she drew any more attention to him. She was scrawny and unappetizing, but a simple threat couldn't hurt.

"Scram before I eat you, too," he said. His voice was raspy from over-eating and oversleep.

The mail carrier didn't need to be told twice, and she bolted into the distance, dropping her bag on the way. One letter flew out, got picked up by the wind, and smacked Riku straight in the face. When he picked up the letter, before tossing it aside, he saw that it was addressed to "Sora #2, House on the Plains."

Presumably, that was one of the two Soras who were being mashed up in his belly.

Curiosity got the better of Riku, and he decided to read it.

It was an invitation to a dinner party.

"Too bad he already went to a dinner party," Riku mumbled, rubbing his stomach. But he kept reading.

"We haven't gotten together for a while, so I just wanted to see my two favorite brothers! I sent an invite to Sora #3, too. Come to my place today at sunset. See you then!"

The return address stated "Sora #1, House on the Hill."

Oh, god.

"There's another one," Riku moaned, but his stomach moaned more loudly. When no one showed up to his party, this other Sora would most definitely set out to find out what happened to his brothers. He'd probably ask that mail lady if she delivered the invitations. And he'd most definitely find Riku, too bloated to defend himself.

Riku's belly gurgled and groaned with fullness, and he did his best to calm it down. It knew what was coming next.

"Just one more," Riku said to it reassuringly. "Just one more, and then we don't have to eat for a month. Actually, we probably won't be able to move for a month." He tried to stand upright, but he was still too heavy, and promptly flopped back onto the ground.

"And also we have to crawl," he gritted out. "Great." Luckily, the rubble where he was lying was right at the bottom of a hill, which was most likely "the Hill" he was aiming for. He set off on his hands and knees, scooting along at a steady pace, with his heavy stomach dragging along the ground beneath him. Halfway up, he glanced over his shoulder, and couldn't suppress a smile at the groove of matted grass that showed where he'd been. The friction between his belly and the earth massaged his tired muscles in a way that was pleasing to him. By the time he'd pulled himself up to the top of the hill, his stomach was mollified, and almost ready for more.

Unfortunately, this Sora was a little smarter than the last two.

His house was made of bricks.

How was he supposed to get inside?

"I'm too big to fit through any of the windows," he groaned. He was heavy and slow, so without the element of surprise, he had no hope of catching another meal. The sun was beginning to set. The dinner party was supposed to be starting soon. Riku was just resigning himself to being cut open and murdered when he heard a sound that gave him hope.

Someone was pounding on Sora's door.

Smell familiarity told him that it was the mail carrier who'd caught him before. He quickly hatched a desperate, stupid plan. The door was on the other side of the house from where he was sitting. He began to crawl towards it.

"Hey, Kairi. What's up?" Sora's voice carried easily around the house. He sounded just like the other Soras.

"I'm so glad you're ok! A wolf ate Sora!" the girl screeched. Riku's stomach grumbled.

"Yes, I know, but we have to eat her, too," Riku whispered, unnoticed by the other two. When he reached the door, he was able to squeeze through it, but barely. His prey was too wrapped up in their heated discussion to notice.

"What!?" said Sora. "That's impossible!"

"I thought so too! So I went to warn Sora, but he's gone! His house was totally flattened! I think the wolf got him, too!"

"A wolf ate Sora and Sora?"

"We might still have some time," said Kairi. "He can't travel very far. Grab a knife and we'll-"

Riku didn't get to hear what she was planning to do with the knife, because as soon as he grabbed her, she screamed.

Gotta do this as fast as possible, he thought, with a grim determination. Kairi was smaller than any of the Soras, so she should go down more easily.


Still unable to stand, Riku dragged her to the ground and began to swallow her, starting with her head, to stop the screams. Her flavor was bland and unappetizing, just as he imagined, but he couldn't stop. He used a free hand to push her in just as his throat was pulling her. Before Sora could even react, he was already up to her waist.

"Let go of her!" he yelled, and he grabbed her feet. Riku had been counting on this. If Sora had the presence of mind to get a weapon, he was done for. His throat and stomach were on fire with the strain of swallowing so much so quickly, least of all without chewing, or even removing her clothes.

It'll be worth it, he promised. Think of how much food we're gonna eat. Think of how good it'll feel when we're done.

Sora's feeble faun strength was no match for Riku's well-trained gut, and Kairi's legs disappeared into his throat as if nothing had been holding onto them at all, dragging Sora along with them. With each gulp, he came closer to Riku's hungry mouth, and more importantly, to his bulging, greedy stomach.

When all that was left of Kairi were her dangling feet, Riku made his move. He lurched forward, using his clumsy bulk to knock Sora off balance. Pinning the faun down was easy work, thanks to his extra weight.

With the main threat out of the way, Riku almost casually tilted his head back and allowed the rest of his third course to slide down into his belly. Like before, the walls of his stomach swelled outwards only slightly with the new addition, as the mush in his stomach sloshed about and made room for her.

Unlike before, the very moment he was finished, his throat erupted in a violent hiccup.

"Hiiic." He hiccuped again, and his stomach gurgled. "Hic. Hiiiic. I ate too fast," he groaned.

"You're a monster," Sora hissed, still pinned beneath him. "Let them go!"

"Hiiiic. Hold on. Hic." Riku's belly was cramped between his spine and the floor. An adjustment was in order. Grasping both of Sora's wrists in one hand to keep him from escaping, Riku carefully maneuvered his bloated body into a seated position, back against the wall. He slouched against the wall, exhausted, as his belly bulged outwards, finally given the room it needed to expand.

"Much- hiiic. Much better," he slurred. He was sitting next to the gaping door, now, so he clumsily pushed it closed, and pulled down the lock. His engorged state made him vulnerable, and he did not, after all, want to be disturbed while he was digesting his meal.

Sora was talking to his stomach.

"I'm going to get you guys out of there," he promised. Kairi's answer came out of the depths of Riku's gut.

"I think- Sora, I think it's too late for your brothers," she gasped, heavily muffled. Riku felt hands press against the inside of his belly. "But please, get me out of here!" The panic was evident in her voice.  

"Hic. Unlikely," Riku drawled. His hiccups were subsiding. He tugged Sora closer to his mouth. "I only wanted to eat the first one. If you would have all stopped trying to cut me open, I could've been home by now." He grimaced and rubbed his gorge with his free hand. "I mean, I definitely didn't want to eat her. She didn't even taste good." A forceful kick to his insides made him burp, and then smile.

"No one made you eat my brother," Sora hissed.

"No," Riku agreed. "But I was hungry, and I wanted to. And I do what I want." He licked his lips. "They were just appetizers. This is the main course."

Well, it was now or never.

Knowing that he'd have to take this one a bit more slowly if he was going to squeeze another faun into his belly without splitting open, Riku began to swallow Sora's arms. His stomach growled with anticipation, welcoming the challenge. Sora swore and squirmed, helpless against the power of Riku's unbridled gluttony. He bit Riku's tongue as his head passed through Riku's mouth, but Riku was so focused on the gorge that he barely even felt it.

The problems didn't start until Sora hit his stomach.

As soon as Sora's hands slid into Riku's belly, Kairi grabbed them, and tried to force them back up. She was woefully outmatched in strength, however, and with little effort, Riku dislodged the obstruction. The damage was done, however, and thanks to his large gulp, way Sora's head and shoulders popped into his stomach all at once. He bulged outwards.

A sharp pain passed through Riku's gut, enough to make him cry out, though it was stifled by his half-finished meal.

It's too much, he thought, a whispering voice of self-doubt. I can't hold it all. His stomach was stretched taut and packed tight, so stuffed he squeezed his eyes shut, because his vision was swimming. Despite his doubts, however, Sora's body continued to slide into his overfull gut, tugged along by his throat muscles, entirely against his own will. His belly continued to swell, with the addition of Sora's chest, then waist, then hips. Riku pushed doubt out of his mind. At this slower, controlled pace, the sharp pains were replaced with a dull ache.

"I hope your stomach explodes," Sora shouted, and Kairi agreed. Riku was barely able to hear them.

Sora's legs were disappearing into Riku's throat, and Riku's eyes watered from the strain. He'd long since passed through the pleasure of eating and into the realm of pig-headed obstinance. These fauns dared to threaten to cut him open, so now, they were food. Never mind that as his hips squeezed into Riku's stomach, his belly began to quiver from the effort of holding him in.

Think of when we'll be finished, he thought, willing his stomach to understand. When we're finished, it'll feel so good. None of the other wolves would ever believe that he'd eaten so much in less than three days, not even if he came back weighing a thousand pounds.

Sora's delicate deer hooves kicked about in Riku's mouth. He summoned all his remaining strength and swallowed, hard. As the last of the bulge that had been Sora slid visibly down through Riku's neck, he clutched his belly with both hands, as if silently willing himself not to split open. He both felt and heard the pained squelch as the last of Sora's body was forced into his stomach.

The meal was finally over.

Riku slumped against the wall, stunned and silent, as his belly adjusted to its new contents. Two live meals at once had forced him to expand. His legs had been forced apart to make room, and the bulk of his grossly distended stomach was resting on the floor. The noises coming from within his gut were ugly and strained, a far cry from the happy groans of before. He was dimly aware that Sora and Kairi were holding each other.

Just as he thought he was calming down, something deep in the pit of his belly began to rumble.

A flurry of unrest came up through his stomach, causing his partially-digested appetizers to churn uncomfortably. His gorge rose ever-so-slightly, then fell, then rose again.

I ate too much, Riku thought. I'm going to throw up. He tried rubbing and patting his belly to calm it down, but that only made the situation worse. When the storm inside of him reached a fever pitch, when he was certain he was going to hurl, Riku clapped a hand over his mouth to try to stop it.

He needn't have worried. All that came out was a nasty, throaty belch.

"That'th what you wanted?" he gasped out loud, his voice breaking from strain. His gorge rose, and he belched again, even more forcefully than the first time. He patted his stomach, still trying to calm it down.  

"You're disgusting," Kairi shouted, as Riku belched again, loud and insistent.

"You're dithguthting," he choked back, followed by another belch. Since he was useless for influencing his stomach's behavior, he dropped his arms to his side, laying limp while his stomach struggled with his food. Apparently, it would stop forcing belches out of him when it was good and ready. His belly was swollen to its limits and drum tight, desperate for any way to relieve unneeded pressure. And so, he belched. Each one made his throat more and more sore. He groaned pathetically, helplessly bound to his overstuffed stomach's whims. Anyone who walked by the house and overheard his gastric discomfort would probably think someone was dying. Which was, after all, not strictly untrue.

"I mutht've ate enough to thtuff ten wolveth," he moaned. "I'm thuch an idiot." His next belch was long and tired. The large expulsions were giving way to smaller burps and hiccups.

"Wait," he said. "What'th wrong with my tongue? Did you- hic- bite my tongue!?" He licked his lips, feeling the deep cut Sora had left on his tongue on his way down Riku's throat. "Hic. I gueth it doethn't matter," Riku groaned. "I wath- hic- enjoying- hiiic- mythelf." Those words inspired a new flurry of struggles from Sora and Kairi.

"That'th right," he sighed happily. "I win. Hic. Dinner party for me- hiiic- and no dinner party for you." Glancing over and around his bloated midsection, he could see Sora's kitchen table, piled high with the spread for his family gathering. It was all weird, veggie deer food.

Nope. For Riku it was all meat, all the time.

The worst of the shock from eating so much had passed, and Riku's body was tugging him toward sleep, desperate for him to get out of the way so the real work of digestion could begin.      

"Hic. My job'th done," he sighed, petting his belly, as if to say good night to his food. "Time for me- hic- to let my thtomach do itth thing." He leaned against the wall. It wasn't the most comfortable situation, but he was too stuffed to care. His hiccups were quieting down. This would do until he was awakened by the next attack of indigestion.

"If you have another brother, now would be a good time to- hic- mention it," he mumbled sleepily. He was answered only by gurgles and groans.

His eyelids fluttered closed, and he was asleep almost instantly.
I guess this is a companion piece to [… ]. Riku-wolf has been eating a lot of Sora-fauns lately! I worry about his digestive health. Nah, just kidding, he's fine.
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This was fantastic! Well done!
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Awesome fiction yet again! :D :iconbigheartplz:
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It looks like all the fairy tales characters that are prey have been turn too Sora-fauns. XD
Love the story! I never expected to see Kairi as a mail girl, that was great!

Now we just need "Little red Sora-faun hood" and the three stories will be complete!
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I think I just swooned XD absolutely fantastic work, well paced and written! equal parts clever humor and deliciously indulgent vore~
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