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The naga awoke in a tube, surrounded by water. A small mask was placed over his face to allow him to breathe. Even so, he didn't much like being wet all over, so he climbed out.

He hit the floor with a wet smack.

"Wha-?" A tall man with very long hair came sweeping around another row of giant capsule tubes. The naga hissed at him inquisitively, twitching his long and never-before-used tail.

"Oh," he said with a sigh. "It's just you. Let me get my notes-"

"Vexen? Sir? What happened?" another person came from the same direction, this one much younger. He was dressed head-to-toe in spandex and feathers, and his hair was a distinct silvery color. His eyes were fixed on the naga's own face, and his lips twisted into an immediate expression of disgust.

"What is that? And why does it look like me?" The naga pulled some of his hair in front of his eyes. It was indeed a distinct silvery color, just like the boy in front of him.

"Another experiment. Don't antagonize it," the first man, Vexen, said. He'd returned, this time carrying a pile of books, into one of which he was writing frantically. "Awakened all on his own. Fascinating-"

"You made more of me?" the boy complained. He sounded more than a little hurt. His disgust slipped into a pout.

"Of course. Science never sleeps, Riku." Vexen returned to the back of the lab, leaving the naga alone with the boy. Riku took a few steps closer to him. The naga flicked his tongue.

"Don't get any ideas," Riku said firmly. "I'm the real Riku Replica. You're a half-human experiment freak." The words meant nothing to the naga, so he wasn't hurt by them. Something else was hurting him, though.

He was hungry. Both of his stomachs let out an angry growl.

"Whoa!" Riku stepped back. "What was that?" The naga flicked his tongue again. The boy smelled nice. He smelled like food. Despite having been awake for less than five minutes, the naga knew exactly what to do. Without any warning at all, he wrapped his tail around Riku's body, opened his mouth wide, and chomped down on Riku's head.

Poor Riku didn't even get an opportunity to cry out for help. He struggled, but he never really had much of a chance. The naga immediately decided he liked the taste of this boy, and tilted his head back into a better swallowing angle. After a few quick gulps past the shoulders, the snake Riku was able to lift the food Riku clean off the ground. With the help of gravity, the first course fell in easily, straight down snake Riku's throat and into his waiting upper stomach. The struggle was over before Vexen even noticed that anything had happened.

"What did you do!?" Vexen snapped, after he came back. "Spit him out, right now." Riku- for he was the only Riku now, at least, as far as he knew- hissed at him.

"Don't give me that attitude," said Vexen sternly. "Need I remind you that I'm the one who created you, you insolent replica?" The original Riku Replica, meanwhile, was settling into the Riku-naga's stomach quite nicely. Which freed up some space inside of him. Which naturally made him hungry again.

He advanced on Vexen, barely slowed down by the extra weight in his stomach. Vexen shot him an icy glare, but Riku ignored it. And then he slithered right around him and bound him with his tail.

"What are you doing!?" he snarled. "You idiot creature, you really think I can't stop you? You've gone too fa-" He was silenced rather abruptly as Riku grabbed onto his head with his mouth, exactly as he'd done with the first Riku Replica not minutes before.

Vexen was a lot bigger than the Riku Replica had been. Riku got the head down fine, but got somewhat stuck at the shoulders, which was really too bad, because Vexen also had a lot more fight in him than Riku did.

As he gulped, he became aware that his tail was getting rather cold. He shook it to warm up, but despite his efforts, the feeling was persistent. Riku was very newly awakened and lacked knowledge of the world around him, so he didn't quite know that it was Vexen who was actively trying to freeze him- he did know, however, that the boy inside of him was warm, and that Vexen's body was also warm. So, he wrapped his tail tighter around Vexen's body to thaw himself.

Of course, this also had the side-effect of cutting off Vexen's air supply, making him totally unable to use any of his powers.

By then, Riku had managed to stretch his mouth around Vexen's shoulders. The rest was easy going. The fabric his coat was made of was thick and smooth and completely perfect for swallowing. He finished the shoulders and arms, then the hips, and moved on to the legs. He swallowed hard and sent his second meal tumbling the rest of the way down. Vexen, able to breathe again once he hit the stomach, kept on trying to freeze him all the way, with next to no effect. Riku licked his lips and burped up a flurry of snowflakes.

Around this point was when a typical naga would stop to take a nap or something, but this Riku had spent so long asleep in his tubular home that he had no desire to sleep at all. Instead, he felt his way along the equipment and found an exit. He wanted to see where he lived.

Unfortunately, he had dragged his bloated self not two feet outside of the lab when he ran into another person. The massive, imposing, hulk of a man was standing in the hallway doing nothing in particular and looking decidedly unsuspicious. He was wearing a cloak that matched the one Vexen wore. Riku hissed at him.

"Hm?" Hulk-man turned to look at him. He shook his head, slowly, in a manner befitting a man of his ridiculous size. "Vexen," he muttered. Before Riku really knew what was happening, the large man was scooping him up and attempting to carry him back into the lab.

No. Riku got scooped up by no one.

He tried to grab onto the head like he had before, but his stomach got in the way. He thrashed his tail, but the huge man had too good grip on him. He was going to have to be crafty to get loose.

So, he bit the man in the arm.

"Ow," the man said. He instinctively pulled his arm away, and his grip on Riku's body loosened. Riku thrashed himself into position, wrapped the end of his tail around the man's body, and clambered up towards his head. Vexen and Riku were heavy, but not enough so to seriously hamper his climb.

"What's going on?" the Riku Replica whimpered. Vexen had a better grip on what was happening.

"Lexaeus? Is that you?" Lexaeus was too busy trying to grab onto the naga to answer. Riku was slippery and agile enough to reach the top before he was able to get a hold of him. The first bite he tried ended in a mouthful of wiry hair. But the second, he prepared himself, opened his mouth even wider, and grabbed on to a good chunk of thick skull.

Unfortunately, the struggle only started there.

Riku managed to take in enough to cover Lexaeus's eyes before the man really realized what was going on. Trying to swallow a massive, imposing, hulk of a man who couldn't see, however, was even more challenging than one who could. Lexaeus lost all sense of direction and began to flail his arms. He was too strong to be paralyze with his tail, so Riku continued to try to swallow, just to hold on. But once he got to the shoulders, he was stuck. The man was huge. The meal was at a standstill.

That was when Riku remembered what had happened to Vexen when he hadn't been able to breathe. While being careful not to squish his own stomach, he stopped trying to pin down his prey's arms, and instead created a tight bind around his chest.

The results were immediate and perfect. Lexaeus scrabbled wildly for about half a minute before his strength began to wane. Meanwhile, Riku opened up his throat. If he'd already come this far, he was going to finish the job. His lips crept awkwardly over the shoulders, prying his jaw open bit by bit. The smooth material of the coat helped the excessively large chest ease through his mouth. He was working from the top downwards, lowering his digestive tract right over the hulking man.

It was all too much.

Riku's skin and throat stretched and stretched, impossibly thin, all to accommodate Lexaeus's body. He was almost in pain. Tears of stress gathered in his eyes. But he was hungry, and somehow he knew that once Lexaeus was in his stomach, it would be ok. His stomach could handle anything.

He released Lexaeus's middle, allowing him to breathe in the air in his stomach as Riku ate. Lexaeus started trying to fight again, but by that point, Riku had taken in everything but his legs. He kicked, but it wasn't much use.  Soon, the weight of the naga was too much to support, and both of them toppled to the ground, with Riku still gorging himself, and Lexaeus still fighting it.

Riku's upper stomach was, of course, not nearly large enough for three people, probably not even the last one by himself. So his body took one for the team and opened up his lower stomach. The large one acted as a sort of a bulldozer, pushing everything inside of him further down. Riku rubbed at his belly, feeling Lexaeus from the outside. He was almost finished.

With one more mighty effort, he sucked in Lexaeus's legs. He pushed them down, and he felt his stomach close over the heels of his boots. His upper stomach, however, couldn't handle even half of Lexaeus, so he was pushed all the way down until his upper stomach was completely empty, and his tail was swollen to the size of a small house.

Riku belched.

"Lexaeus!" Vexen swore. "You imbecile! You stupid oaf! You-" He was silenced by what sounded like a very meaty fist punching him in the ribs.

"Please don't fight," the first Riku Replica whimpered.

Riku ignored the drama in his insides. More importantly, he still didn't know where he was. And more importantly still, his upper stomach was empty now, and he was hungry again. This Lexaeus person had been standing in front of an open doorway. Maybe there were more people in there. Riku hauled his massive load across the hallway and squeezed himself inside.

He found himself in a library. Lexaeus didn't seem like a library type, but what did he know? He just ate the guy.

"Lexaeus, is that you?" A high voice came from behind something. Riku couldn't find the source. "If you'd just turn sideways, you wouldn't have to squeeze through the door every time," the mystery person chided. He sounded small. A perfect dessert.

Riku dragged himself around the first set of stacks, but still couldn't find the source of the voice. Fortunately, the person saw fit to come to him.

"Lexaeus, are you limping? What happened?" The man turned a corner and came into view. He was also wearing a matching black coat, and indeed was as small as he sounded, barely taller than the Riku Replica. He stood there for a moment, staring at Riku without the slightest bit of surprise in his face.

"Well. That's different," he deadpanned. Riku hissed at him and wagged his tail a bit, at least, the part of it that wasn't busy being the size of a small house.

"Are you one of Vexen's projects?" the man asked, crossing the distance between them and again saving Riku the trouble. "How did you get out? And God, what is he feeding you?" Riku flicked his tongue twice- this one smelled good, too. So much food just walking around, and completely defenseless, no less.

Riku grabbed onto a leg with his teeth, since that was the only body part he could reach. That was enough, and with an added push from his arms, the man lost his balance. Wasting no time, Riku grabbed both feet in his mouth as soon as the man hit the ground. One gulp and he was pinned.

"What are you doing!?" he asked, eyes wide.

"Zexion? Is that you?" The voice naturally came from somewhere inside of Riku's tail.

"Vexen!? What is this thing!?" Riku ignored the conversation in favor of swallowing. He bunched the ends of Zexion's coat into his mouth using his hands so that it wouldn't get in the way. Zexion was much smaller than Lexaeus, so he slid inside easily.

"Get away!" Vexen screeched. "Don't get near its mouth!" Riku was almost all the way up to Zexion's hips by that point. Zexion rolled his eyes.

"A little late, Vexen, but thank you for the advice." Riku swallowed again. The coats really did make the process much too easy. Zexion struggled, of course, he didn't just take it, but it wasn't doing much good- Riku just ignored the tiny hands swatting at his face as he worked his way up Zexion's midsection. His own stomach was empty and waiting. Small Zexion was the perfect size to fill it up. He stretched his mouth around the shoulders, then the head, and then he sucked the arms in with one long slurp. Zexion was pushed into his stomach, forced into a tight curl.

Finally sated after eating four full-grown men, Riku stretched out on the ground for a now much-needed nap. His stomachs were squirming. He was stuffed and happy. Unfortunately, the universe seemed to decide that Riku would not be getting the sleep he so needed. Moments after he lay down, a portal opened nearby, and a sharp pair of heels clicked out onto the floor.

"Zexion!" A woman's voice, a high-pitched drawl. "God. Zexion, where are you?" Zexion could not, of course, answer, since he was inside of Riku. "Of course he's not here when I actually need him to be," the woman muttered. "That low-life back-stabbing son of a-" Just as she was about to drop a particularly juicy insult, she turned the corner, caught sight of Riku, and froze.

"What." That was all she said. She stood there, arms crossed, as if waiting for someone to give her an answer. Riku blinked up at her, bloated and content. After a moment she seemed to realize that Riku wasn't any sort of a threat, so she took a few steps closer. She gave his face and mouth a wide berth, instead moving back to his swollen tail. She leaned down, considered it for a moment or two, and then gave it a solid poke.       

"Hey! Stop that!" Vexen shouted,.  Larxene snorted.

"What the hell are you guys doing in there?" she asked, raising an eyebrow, though the effect was lost on the four people trapped inside the naga.


"Help us!"

"Ow! Who kicked me?"


"Marluxia has got to see this," she crowed, and with minimal difficulty, she opened a portal and dragged Riku inside. Riku himself was too dopey to protest. As long as he got his nap on eventually, he didn't really mind where he was going. So long as he didn't have to actually work at it or anything.

Riku emerged from the portal, pulled along by Larxene, and found himself in a room identical to the one he'd just left, except without any of the books.  When Larxene let him go, he immediately fell asleep. Or at least, he would have, had she not given him a swift kick to the gut. He was barely able to feel it, but the people inside were somewhat less than pleased. Riku just burped.

"Hello, Larxene," someone said, from somewhere. Riku was trying to sleep.

"Marluxia," she grinned. "Look what I found in the basement." Yet another man in yet another matching coat walked into Riku's line of sight. Riku looked stupidly up at him.

"Is that one of Vexen's projects? God, what has he been feeding it?"

"See for yourself." For a second time, Larxene kicked Riku's stomach.

"Ow! Stop doing that!"

"Dammit, Larxene!"

"See, it wasn't me that time, either-"

"We know, idiot-"

"I swear to God, when I get out of here-"

Riku shivered. He was awfully full, and his food didn't appear to be settling down anytime soon.

"Wait. Are you serious?" asked Marluxia.

"I'm pretty sure Lexaeus is in there, too," Larxene giggled. "This ugly lump over here."

"So… Vexen cloned a giant Keybearer snake that eats people? That seems a little off, even for him." Marluxia paced around Riku's swollen body. Vexen, the first Riku, and the ugly Lexaeus lump were all concentrated in Riku's tail, with a smaller bulge up top where Zexion had settled.  

"He wasn't supposed to eat everyone," Vexen protested, muffled by snake insides. "He wasn't even supposed to wake up. He did all this on his own. It's fascinating, really."

"I thought I was fascinating," sniffled the original Riku Replica.

"But how did he do it?" asked Marluxia.

"How do you think? He swallowed us," Zexion muttered. From the way he spoke, it was obvious that he was holding back quite a few swear words in the interest of getting Marluxia and Larxene to help him.

"I'd love to see how it works," he said. "Do you think you're up for one more snack?" Marluxia was speaking to him, he realized. Riku nodded and tried to wag his tail. He loved food.

"I want to see it too! But where are we going to get someone for him to eat?" Larxene asked. "Do you think Axel? Oo, or maybe that brat Naminé…"

"No, I was thinking of someone a little bit more convenient," said Marluxia.

"Who?" Almost before Larxene could ask the question, Marluxia grabbed her. He hoisted her up by her waist, pinned her arms back, and spun her head towards Riku's waiting mouth.

"Open up," he grinned. Riku obediently opened his mouth wide. Larxene was having none of it, and she immediately started to screech.

"Marluxia, so help me God, I will tear off yo-"

But that was as far as she got.

Riku took her head in with one go, very easily, since she didn't have as much pesky hair as the others. Her voice was muffled into a distant whine. The coat wasn't a problem like it had been with Zexion, and Riku didn't even have to pin her- Marluxia did that for him. So, he just swallowed. Her sizeable bust caused some throat trouble, but he managed.

"Good boy," said Marluxia approvingly. Larxene wriggled and shot back something that almost certainly would have been vulgar if she could speak properly. Riku stretched his mouth even further and nudged his way around her hips. She might've gotten stuck if not for Marluxia pushing her down from behind.

Soon, too soon, she was in, squeezed on top of Zexion. Riku's stomach stretched to accommodate her, but it didn't hurt. Marluxia helped Riku tilt his head back as he slurped up Larxene's boots.

"Good boy," said Marluxia again, and he ruffled Riku's hair. "I think you're much more fun than either of the real Keybearers." Riku sniffed. He didn't like having his hair ruffled, but he was powerless to do anything about it, because he was currently wrestling down four men and an especially angry woman. It was difficult, but finally, the movements began to slow down. Riku's stomach muscles were tightening back up, pushing everyone into place for maximum digestive comfort. Even Larxene's struggles were being quelled. Riku yawned and stretched out as best he could with his body distorted by five living meals.

"Fascinating," said Marluxia. Riku stared at him, then opened his mouth and belched. Marluxia laughed.

"You even sound like Larxene," he said. Something in Riku's upper stomach shifted rather violently.

"So help me God Marluxia I will take my knives and cut-"

"Not helping, Larxene!" someone else shouted. They were getting indistinguishable.

"Yes, I think you'll be very useful," said Marluxia. "To think you took down half of Organization XIII by yourself, and only because you were hungry. Well, don't worry, pet. There's more where that came from."

Riku might have interpreted the words a little too literally. Maybe, somehow, he was still hungry. In any case, he had spent some time already being enticed by Marluxia's smell- he smelled sweet and seasoned and completely unlike the rest of the humans he'd already eaten. He had to get a taste. Not to mention that he was still irritated about the hair-ruffling.

Marluxia was going down. Also a little too literally.

Using his palms and the end of his tail, Riku managed to drag himself a couple inches closer to Marluxia. He was getting awfully weighed down. Fortunately, that one tiny scoot was enough to grab his food's attention.

"Oh?" He bent down. "What is it, pet? Larxene giving you indigestion?" His head was mere inches from Riku's mouth. They really did make this too easy.

Riku lifted his hand up and smacked Marluxia's head down to the floor, knocking him forward and on to his knees. While he was stunned, he got to work on the meal. His jaw and throat were getting sore, but he still managed to crank his mouth open and begin running his lips over Marluxia's head and face, enjoying the sweet taste. Marluxia tried to get back up, but Riku held him down- he did, after all, have an awful lot of weight behind his hands.

While he was swallowing, Riku used his free hand to grab one of Marluxia's arms and shove it into his mouth alongside the head. He swallowed, and the arm extended down his throat. Marluxia flailed on the floor, but with one of his limbs taken in already, he didn't have much hope of escape. Next Riku stuffed in the second arm. That made the shoulders much easier to handle.

"Ha! Serves you right," Larxene sneered as Marluxia's head pressed into his stomach. Riku could feel everything inside of him shifting to make room. Zexion and Larxene were getting pulled further downwards towards the tail. His upper stomach was opening up, preparing to chomp down on Marluxia like a flytrap.

Just like with the others, once the shoulders were done, the rest was rolling downhill. Riku gulped and sucked, enjoying the feel of the coat in his mouth one last time. Marluxia was pounding on his stomach walls with his fists, and Riku didn't even care. They couldn't hurt him. He was too bloated to feel much of anything.

Riku slurped up Marluxia's hips and moved onto his legs. He was almost finished. His lower stomach stretched to bursting as it took in Zexion and Larxene, bulging out in all directions as five separate people struggled to break free. Marluxia was curling into the upper stomach, forcing Riku's midsection back outwards and lifting him off the ground. He wasn't sure he could hold it all.

One thing was certain- he would not be moving for a very, very long time once he was finished.

Riku sucked in the legs, inch by hungry inch. Marluxia was almost gone. He swallowed harder. Only the feet were left. Then, with one more big gulp-

Marluxia disappeared completely.

The last of the Marluxia bulge slid down, down, down Riku's throat before it finally came to a halt in his swollen upper stomach.  

He was stuffed. He couldn't eat even another bite even if he wanted to. The tiniest sip of water would make him explode.

Which meant it was finally time for a nap.

After giving his stomachs one last affectionate pat for a job well done, Riku coiled himself somewhat, rested his head on his arms, and passed into a deep and satisfied sleep.


"Uh, so, are you going to go save them?" asked Naminé meekly. Somehow, she, Axel, Sora, and the actual Riku had all managed to convene on the top floor of Castle Oblivion at the same time, just as the last of Marluxia was slipping down the Riku-naga's throat. They were the only surviving inhabitants who weren't either a giant man-snake, or inside of a giant man-snake. The situation was weird.

"Are you kidding? I'm not going near that thing," said Axel.

"More importantly, why does it look like me?" asked Riku.

"Guh," said Sora.

"Oh yeah." Riku turned to Sora. "How's that irrational fear of being eaten alive thing going for you? You know, that one you've had since you were little? When you saw the shark eat that little fish? You remember?"

Sora paled, shuddered, and collapsed onto the ground.

"Shit," said Axel.

"Oh… oh, he might be like that for a while now," said Riku. He made no move to help his friend get up. Naminé went to grab him instead.

"It's ok," she said. "We can put him in that pod, and I'll restore his memories to how they should be."

"And I'll go tell the rest of the Organization that everyone stationed here died," said Axel. "That seems like the most sensible thing to do."

"Um. That's- um. Can Nobodies even be 'sensible'?" asked Riku skeptically.

"Does it matter?" asked Axel back. Riku shrugged. And so, the four of them parted, each to go their separate ways- Sora to his pod, Naminé to the area next to Sora's pod, Axel to Organization XIII, and Riku to wander the angsty in-betweens of the universe. No one paid even a passing thought to the bloated naga they'd left snoozing on the top floor of Castle Oblivion. Surely he'd never be able to leave that tiny world.

Or would he?

I have been working on this for forever, and finally managed to get it done with the help of *drawnout18 and *Nahceid. Thanks guys! :D I love you the way cats love sunshine! I actually hadn't heard back from them in detail about a few of the vore scenes, which were all added last, but I want to focus on other things and I want this out of my head so I'm just posting it. If there's anything y'all would change, just let me know.

This is part of a series I have sort of 'in development' of scenes / scenarios from the actual Kingdom Hearts games with vore replacing key plot points. Or in this case, an entire game. LOL. Chain of Memories is my favorite game in the whole series, so I had to get some of that in here.


Do you like having the way nagas work written out for you in the fic?

Do you like having the characters described in detail? In this fic in particular, did you know immediately who the characters all were, or were any of them misleading or confusing?


The ever-lovely *Nahceid drew fanart for this fic, which can be found at [link] . Yaaaay!
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